7C Policy and Procedures

Team 7C

Policies and Procedures

September 2017


Dear Families,


This quick-reference sheet addresses the most frequently asked questions we get from you about our team policies.  We look forward to working with you and your child for a successful year in Grade 7. 



Mr. Bernstein (223)   Ms. Johnston (221)   Ms. Perkins (219)      Mrs. Rouff (225)     Ms. Nastari (222B)


Absences- School attendance relates directly to school success.  However, your child should not attend school when sick and/or in a contagious state that threatens the health of others.  Please call the school office (978-640-7846) in the morning to report a student absence. On the day of his/her return to school, send a written note to the Home Room teacher, stating when and why your child was absent.


Our school, unlike the Ryan School, does not have a Homework Hotline.  Your child should call a Homework Buddy after school is out for the day, and record in the Homework Planner the assignments that were missed.  “Absent” should be recorded at the top of the page, and all assignments for the day should be yellow-highlighted as a reminder for the work to be made up.  If your child is feeling better, some assignments could be completed that night. If absent one day, missed homework and class work has to be made up in one day.  If absent two days, it must be made up in two days, etc.


When calling in an absence on a second consecutive day, parents/guardians may make a Homework Request. Teachers will write down the homework assignment and send it, along with any worksheets, to the school office for pick up by an adult, sibling, or another student.  It will be ready by 1:30 PM.


Breakfast-Studies have shown that students perform better in school when they eat a nutritious breakfast.  If time is short at home, we allow students to bring something to eat during our Home Room time.  Please make it healthy, such as fruit, a bagel, etc. No coffee.


Homework-Completion of all homework assignments is expected.  School policy for Grade 7 is about 2 hours of homework each night, including Friday.  Some days a little more time is needed, some days a little less time.  Daily review is the best way to learn new information on a topic; a little bit at a time, at school and at home, every day. At this grade level, studying, or the Seventh Grade Review, is considered a part of homework, and is in addition to written assignments.  Having a consistent time for homework, a quiet place to work, and necessary supplies, will help your child to meet our expectations.  Assignments should be checked-off as they are done.  We ask for your signature in the Homework Planner, at least weekly, to indicate that your child has shown you completed assignments.  You could read each written assignment aloud from the Planner and then say, “Show me.”  Your signature does not indicate the work is correct, just that you have seen it.  By investing these few minutes with your child, you show that you value education and that you, too, have high educational expectations for him/her. 


You will know if a homework assignment did not receive full credit that day in class.  Your child will be directed by the teacher to yellow-highlight the missing homework assignment in the Homework Planner on the day it was due. This system will allow you to monitor missing homework and assist your child in completing it.  After Term 2, no late homework assignments will be accepted, except for projects.  If in doubt, please check with the individual subject area teacher.


Homework Buddy-This refers to at least three students on our team, who are in your child’s classes.  Their names and phone numbers are recorded in the back of your child’s Homework Planner.  A Homework Buddy should be called on days of absences and are also available to answer a quick question. These conversations should be less than 10 minutes. 


Homework Planner-This is the most important tool for school success.  Each teacher writes the homework assignment on the board and provides time to copy it during class.  Each assignment should be copied, exactly as written, into the proper space in the homework planner.  All four core-subject areas (Eng., Math, Sci., S.S.) should be written in daily.  “None” should be recorded if the teacher gives no assignment.  Students should ask questions before leaving class, if he/she doesn’t understand the homework.   We do a “Planner Check” in our last class, where assignments for each subject are read aloud, and all students can check what they have written for accuracy before leaving school.  At home, students should read an assignment, do the work, reread the assignment for accuracy, and then make a checkmark within the box to indicate the work has been completed.  Assignments should be shown to parents/guardians.


No pages should ever be removed from the Homework Planner.  Students should not draw/doodle in them.


Notices-We will direct students to put all school notices in the front of the Homework Planner when they get them.  This section should be checked by students nightly, and given to you, as a part of their homework routine.


SSR Book- Studies show that independent reading has many benefits to student learning and success.  Our Sustained Silent Reading Program sets aside time each week for students to read in school, and to complete various activities related to their reading.  In addition, having their SSR book in every class will ensure wise use of any free time they may have. 


Teacher Communication-Writing a note, in the Planner or in a separate envelope, is usually the fastest way for you to communicate with us.  We will do the same.  We will initial your note or call to indicate your child showed it to us. We would ask you to do the same.  Phone messages may be left at our extension (2+the room number next to our name).  Delays in message light activation and only one phone line for all teachers to use may cause some delay in our response.  But if you see nothing in the Planner after two nights, you can assume we have not received your note or message.


Test/Quiz/Project Grades-When a graded assignment has been returned, students will be directed to record that information in their Homework Planners.  It will be located near the bottom of the page on the day it was passed back to the students. This will provide students the opportunity to monitor their own class average.  The Homework Planner should be carried around closed, to protect the pages.  It is meant to last to the last day of school.  It should not have extra writings, drawings, or decorations in it. 


Water Bottles-Clear plastic water bottles, with screw-on caps only, or clear Nalgene bottles.  No stainless steel canteens are allowed in school.




Please sign and return one copy to your child’s Home Room teacher.  Keep one copy at home for your own reference.





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