Welcome to Team 7C World Geography Class
This year, I will be your travel guide as we study the world and its people.  We will  look at the foundations of this class--Physical Geography and Human Geography, and then explore the countries on the continents of Australia, South  America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
Everywhere we travel, we will look at our world through the use of the Five Themes of Geography:  location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.  Location refers to absolute location, as indicated by latitude and longitude or a street address, and to relative location, as indicated by direction, distance or travel time.  The concept of Place refers to the physical and man-made characteristics of somewhere, such as a city or country. Human-Environment Interaction is about the many ways in which people have adapted to their surroundings, changed them, or depend on the environment to live or profit from. The Movement of people, goods, and ideas is the fourth concept.  The fifth, Region, refers to ways we can categorizing areas of the earth, such as climate or religion.
We will practice basic geographical concepts and skills throughout the year through a regional studies approach that will be textbook anchored.  Other materials and approaches will also be used when applicable, among them Internet resources, extended projects, displays, readings, etc.
The study of Geography is very broad and also includes ideas found in history, civics, government, and economics.  Often, as world and national events unfold, it becomes advantageous to cover these events in a timely manner within the context of these broad concepts.
It is our goal and expectation that by June, you will have a good, solid, unbiased understanding of the World, in both a cultural and environmental sense, as you enter into your high school years and beyond.
We will start the year off with a review of the world's seven continents and five oceans (Yes, five!!!)  Do you remember them all? 

Most important for the coming school year is that we keep our growth mindset in place as we try and encounter many new things! Remember mistake and failure are learning experiences that help to make our brains stronger! Intelligence is constantly changing based on effort, perseverance, practice and the struggle students put forth.  Intelligence, like a muscle, grows as you continue to use it! Check out some of these famous failures!! 

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See you soon------------Mrs. Scully