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Thursday 9-1
Share a foreign country: Picture w/ 3 sentences OR sing a song/write lyrics OR write paragraph/50 word min. 
(This assignment asks you to share with the class a foreign country that you have visited, or one that you would LIKE to visit some day.  The picture option can be a downloaded picture or one you draw yourself.  Write 3 sentences, on the front side, to identify/tell what thge picture is about.  The song option asks you to find a song about a foreign country, or make one up yourself.  You must sing it for us in class, and pass in the written lyrics.  The writing option asks you to write a paragraph, 50 word minimum.  You may tell us information about the foreign country you have visited.  Or yo can write why you would like to visit that country some day.)
Wednesday 8-31
Read + sign class syllabus
Tuesday 8-30
Get supplies
Fred Kolack,
Aug 20, 2011, 12:00 PM