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Geography Syllabus

Team 7C                                                                                              Social Studies: World Geography
Mrs. Scully  Room 219                                                                         Extra Help:  Thursday 2-3 PM      


Materials for Class  Be prepared for class each day.  Be ready to learn.

·         Pens, pencils, erasers, etc.  Use a zippered pouch, plastic box, or plastic bag to carry them.

·         A one inch three-ring binder

·         Loose leaf paper

·         Dividers (5):Classwork/ Homework, Maps, Notes, Geo. Dictionary, Keep all Year

·         Colored pencils to keep at home. (If you think we color a lot of maps in Geography, you’re
·         Other materials (rulers, tape, markers, etc. are available in the Student Center of my
            classroom and may be borrowed, when used responsibly)


Homework Planner:  This is your tool for success and for home/school communication.

·         Copy exactly what I have written on the board.

·         When home, read what is written for the assignment; do it; reread the assignment again, to be
            sure, or check the Team 7C website

·         Check-off each assignment as it is done.

·         Show a parent when all homework has been completed and get a signature in the planner.


Homework:  It is expected that every homework assignment will be completed, every night.      
                    Homework will be assigned on weekends, but not on vacation weeks.

·         Set aside about 30 minutes per night, per subject, for homework.

·         Have a quiet place to do your work, with all necessary materials close at hand.

·         Write a heading on all assignments that will be passed in. Write in the upper-left corner:






·         Do your best work.  Try to do all of it on your own. Your goal is to become an independent

·         If needed, ask for assistance from someone in your family.

·         If needed, call a Homework Buddy to discuss your difficulty.  If you need new buddies, tell me.

·         When an assignment has not been done on time, you may earn back half of the homework                 points by making it up by the next day. 
·         After the second marking term, no late homework will be accepted. Always pass in projects,             but you will lose some points if they are passed in after the due date.


Grading:  Everything counts for points!

·         Homework

·         Class work

·         Cooperative Group Work

·         Tests/Quizzes

·         Projects

·         Presentations

·         When graded work is returned, time will be provided in class so that you may record your grade
            in your HW Planner.  Parents should review your Homework Planner pages to monitor
            your progress.

      ·         You may choose to improve your average if your chapter/unit test is below a 65.  You will be

            eligible for a Makeup.  You must come to me and we will then arrange a time for you to                     retake the test after school, during Extra Help.
·         Projects that are worth 100 points, and are passed in late, will be marked down 10 points per
            day, up to three days.  Similar guidelines will be used for other point value projects.


Absences:  You need to be in the classroom to learn best.

·         Call a Homework Buddy for assignments or go to the Team 7C website.

·         I will give you the worksheets you missed when you speak to me at the start of class upon your
·         On the second consecutive day of an absence, your parent may make a Homework Request when
            he/she calls in your absence.  The papers may be picked up at the school office after 1:30PM.


Home/School Communication:  Teachers and families are your academic support team.

·         Parents should read assignments and notes in the Homework Planner.

·         Remember that highlighted assignments in the planner mean that full credit was not received, as
            the assignment was not done at all, was mostly incorrect, or was incomplete.

·         I will write notes to Parents in the Homework Planner or make a phone call.

·         Parents should write a note in the Homework Planner, as this is the fastest way to contact me.

·         It is your responsibility to show all parent notes to the appropriate teacher, and teacher notes to
            parents, and in a timely manner.  After school detention may be assigned when this is not
·         Parents will know that I have seen their notes because I will sign every note that I read. 
            Therefore, if there is no signature from me in the HW Planner, I have not been shown it.
·         Parents may also leave a message on my voice mail by calling the school at 978-640-7876,


The Seventh Grade Review

            This year you will learn many new and interesting things in Geography class.  Many of the ideas presented are also complicated, and will require your best effort to understand.  Recent research on how the brain learns, suggests that you should review class materials nightly, in order for you to demonstrate your best learning.  This does not have to take you a very long time. You only need to do it often!  So when you complete any written homework, take a few minutes to review your book, notes, and worksheets.  Look at the corrections for your errors.  Do you understand the correct answers now?  If not, be sure to ask about it in class the next day.


Classroom Standards:

1)      Respect yourself, others, and property.

2)      Treat others as you wish to be treated.

3)      Do your best at all times.

4)      Be prepared for class.


This year in Geography class, I will give you... THE WORLD!!!  But success begins with YOU!!!


Student Signature__________________________________________________________________


Parent Signature ___________________________________________________________________


Date _________________________


Please sign and place in the “Reference” section of your Geography Binder.

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